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Cooking for dummies like me
Toast is level 10 culinarian but eats half the ingredients while cooking. Also a lazy ingredient shopper, and will find substitutes rather than run to the grocery store 5min away.
Some of the recipes use Asian ingredients. Their taste/cooking properties is noted down for easier substitution.
  • Spaghetti Aglio Olio (ma's fave)
  • Pickled onions
  • Lemon butter sauce
  • Miscellaneous ingredient notes

Spaghetti Aglio Olio
Base Ingredients:
  • Spaghetti
  • 1 dashi packet
  • Garlic
  • Butter/Olive oil
Optional, add according to taste:
  • Meats/Seafood (cut to bite size)
  • Vegetables, mushrooms (bite size)
  • Fish oil
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Lemon juice/Lime juice
  • Shredded parmesan cheese
  • Cream
  • Dashi removes 'boiled watery noodle' taste. Vaguely salty. Can be replaced with a small amount of meat/vegetable stock, or salt.
  • Fish sauce smells funny, but tastes a little salty. Too much will make the sauce smell. Can be omitted.
  • Cayenne pepper/shredded cheese can be replaced with leftover pizza chili/cheese packets.
  • Spaghetti takes ~10min to cook till al dente. It'll look opaque and floppy when removed from the pot, and tastes soft without a 'stiff inside'.
  • Wash spaghetti under cold water to stop cooking.
  • The smaller you chop garlic, the more the end will taste of garlic + easier to accidentally burn it. Can be ground into paste for mild spiciness.
  • Cream will make sauce taste mild. Don't add too much. Vegans can use soymilk.
  1. Boil pot of water with dashi packet inside.
  2. Cook spaghetti in water, rinse spaghetti under cold water after ~10min, keep water
  3. Chop garlic. Size depends on how garlic taste preference.
  4. Fry chopped garlic in butter/olive oil, add ingredients that sweat/absorb sauce to soak excess oil (mushrooms, carrots, onions, etc.)
  5. Add fish sauce, cayenne pepper powder and lemon juice to taste.
  6. Add meat ingredients.
  7. Add pasta water, boil off excess water. Add half a tablespoon of cream if sauce is too thin
  8. Add spaghetti, toss
  9. Boil any green vegetables in leftover pasta water until dark green, remove from water and toss into spaghetti. Alternatively, toss raw leafy veggies with spaghetti.
  10. Serve with parsley garnish/extra chili pepper/etc.

Pickled onions
Slice onions into preferred size
Simmer half a saucepan of vinegar (white/apple cider)
Add chopped garlic, cayenne pepper, sugar and salt to taste
Boil mixture till bubbles appear or turns slightly thicker from sugar
Add onions, stir until onions are softened
Pour into sealable container, put in fridge for an hour before eating