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I try to code this site for accessibility as much as possible, but I'm still learning. Help and pointers are appreciated!
If this site loads and displays well on an ancient phone, then I'm happy :)

Accessibility notes:
This site should display decently on mobile. It's prettier on desktop though!
Some pages are image heavy, they may take some time to load.
Javascript is only used on this page for the Statuscafe widget, all other pages have no Java.

Site Updates
  • Updated the sidebar with a nicer layout, page links and icons!
  • Finally added the various pages I've been doing up. The links to these are only visible in the sidebar on desktop, but a sitemap page that is coming soon(ish) should take care of mobile users.
  • Did some extra styling, and updated links page. Hopefully compressing all the images makes up for it being a little on the image heavy side.
  • Added a links page, though I'm not very happy still with it yet :(
  • Working gallery (sorta!)
  • Mobile formatting apparently was broken T_T Should be fixed now for displays up to 500px in width!
  • Lightbox gallery isn't very usable on mobile, should probably change it to a carousel instead
  • Slowly replacing all the placeholder images with my own graphics :)
  • Updated site layout. Hopefully viewable on mobile without too much scrolling.
  • Added contact page/about me